Kingsdale Foundation School 2013 exam results provide further evidence of how far it has come

28 Nov

Nationally, 2013 saw a slight reversal of the upward trend for GCSE results that has been a feature of the educational landscape for the last decade or so. There was no such reversal for Kingsdale Foundation School however with a substantial improvement recorded on the previous year and with 2013 being the best ever year for Kingsdale Foundation School in terms of GCSE results.

Kingsdale Foundation School is situated on the edge of the London Borough of Southwark in West Dulwich and was built in the late 1950s. Although considered a cutting edge design at the time of its construction, by the late 1990s it is fair to say that the buildings required some additional investment and no longer helped to create the type of atmosphere in which children could thrive. As a result, in the late 1990s, Kingsdale Foundation School benefitted from a multi-million pound investment to completely rebuild it. From an architectural perspective, this redesign was regarded as one of the most important school buildings completed in Britain in recent years. It has since won numerous awards from around the world for the nature of the educational architecture.

As well as the impressive facilities, Kingsdale Foundation School has always had an excellent reputation in Music and the Performing Arts, and today offers scholarships for students with aptitude in these areas and also in mathematics.

The school is keen to show prospective parents and students their work in action and private tours can be arranged for this purpose by contacting the main school office.

Kingsdale Foundation School | 50th anniversary

25 Jul

Kingsdale Foundation School is a mixed 11-19 state school based in Dulwich, South London. In 2008 Kingsdale Foundation School celebrated its 50th anniversary. Since the early 2000s, Kingsdale Foundation School has been transformed into one of the best performing schools in the country. The remarkable progress that Kingsdale Foundation School has achieved was reflected by the fact that the school was the subject of a Prime Ministerial visit. On 10th May 2011 David Cameron visited the school. He openly stated that Kingsdale Foundation School was a “brilliant” school. He repeated these comments in the press and on television.

Kingsdale Foundation SchoolIn the late 1990s, it was recognised that the school building itself was old and falling into a state of disrepair, and it was clear that this did not foster the right environment for learning. The long narrow corridors meant that there was excessive congestion when pupils attempted to move between lessons. The lack of seats in the dining hall meant that it was common for pupils to have to eat their lunch when standing up. The physical improvement of the school was facilitated by the allocation of an initial £7.5million for rebuilding. These physical improvements were accompanied by a huge turnaround in overall attainment results. Kingsdale Foundation School was named one of the DCSF’s Most Improved Schools in the country for six years. In terms of admissions, Kingsdale Foundation School is now one of the top 20 over applied for schools in the country.

Learning Music at Kingsdale Foundation School

29 May

musicKingsdale Foundation School boasts a great environment for learning, which is exemplified by its school building. Including a wide courtyard space, huge auditorium and facilities for music and sports, Kingsdale Foundation School has never lacked in performing events. The students at Kingsdale Foundation School are provided plenty of opportunity to showcase their skills to the general public and this encourages enjoyment  throughout their learning.

Kingsdale Foundation School offers more than just learning through regular courses. The  Music school plays a vital role in educating students, while developing their   The music school education program is tailored and designed in a very specific way to take students through three different stages of learning music – Key Stage 3, Key Stage 4, and Key Stage 5.

As part of the Key Stage 3 Music programme,  pupils at Kingsdale Foundation School are introduced to the basics of music. The students are taught to understand pitch, dynamics, rhythm, tempo, duration, and texture. During this stage of learning, they also get to understand the fundamental music forms, such as Binary, Tertiary, and Rondo.  Kingsdale Foundation School’s music course takes students through a series of learning phases, where they learn about music and the process of performing, composing, and evaluating their own work. They are also taught various techniques to effectively apply to the core elements of their own music during composition and performance. In addition, the key objective of Key Stage 3 is to help students in Kingsdale Foundation School understand the conventions of music from different genres and countries.

 During Key Stage 4,  students  learn music from different countries, including their associated religions, cultures, history, geography, and traditions. In this stage, the students learn to perform solo or as part of an ensemble with a key understanding of keyboard skills and music conventions from different countries. Music students at Kingsdale Foundation School also get to learn how to compose music from a particular country.

At Key Stage 5,  students learn to perform, compose, and analyse music of multiple countries with an expertise and good understanding of the various musical elements.    Key Stage 5 music courses at Kingsdale Foundation School continue to be very popular choices and scholarships are available for students who successfully complete an audition.